Saturday February 20th 2021

By Pastor Marc E Simeon

Ro 3:29 Or is He the God of the Jews only? Is He not also the God of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also,

Ro 10:12 ¶ For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. (NKJV)

Ga 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (NKJV)


We all encounter racism on a daily basis; sometimes we are so numb to it that feels normal.

Racism is to favor or reject someone just on the basis of his textual appearance or bloodline, or nationality.

The dominant party usually favors its own kind, people with the same exact plumage as them. Any variation in color or size or shape is subject to favoritism.



  • When you watch a fight on TV or real life, have you ever found yourself taking sides between the two people who are fighting without knowing any of them?
  • If the fighters are of the same race, picking a favorite can be complex, but if one fits your own texture and the other an opposite skin color, you may have to try hard to be impartial.
  • There is a sense of family when one is among people who look like him and talk like him.
  • The animal world behaves in that exact manners; birds of the same feathers fly together.
  • What makes racism wrong is that people have no choice over their races, and we live with common laws where all are declared equals in the sights of God and men.
  • We share a common wealth that should be allocated equally.
  • Everyone should be treated respectfully, fairly and squarely.
  • When laws are written to favor a specific group of people based on race factors, it is dead wrong.
  • When certain people are kept behind, denied education, denied funding, denied certain jobs, and denied certain promotions solely based on their race, it is an outcry.


  • God chooses the race for each person.
  • The whole world belongs to God and the human race is God’s special creation.
  • In God’s eyes there are no super human races but one human race.
  • God asked the Israelites to discriminate against certain nations not on the basis of their skin colors but on the basis of behavior pattern.
  • It was more complex in the past where every nation revolved around their patron gods.
  • God had asked the Israelites to stay away from certain people so that they would not fall into their life’s patterns.


  • Racism is a byproduct of the fall of mankind.
  • From Adam to the flood of Noah the human race was the same, no one considered another inferior because of the color of his skin.
  • After the great flood of Noah, only one family survived to repopulate the world.
  • After the construction of the Tower of Babel, God came down and confounded the languages of the human race.
  • This segregation caused the inhabitants of the world to move away from each other.
  • As the creation was suffering a great ecological imbalance due to the flood, each geographical location caused a gradual variation in the shape and texture of the human race.
  • As nations begin to rise and conquer other nations, the privileged nations enjoyed the luxury of treating their subjects in less than fashionable manners.
  • Imagine the effect that three to four hundred years can do in a society where a group of people are considered privileged and another despised.
  • The Egyptians in the time of Joseph were mostly dark skin people, yet they used the Jews as slaves to build the pyramids.
  • It was unlawful for an Egyptian to eat at the same table with a foreigner, not even Joseph.
  • In order to encourage people to go to war, the motivation was often for the gratification of taking men, women and children as subjects.
  • It was not whites over blacks as it is now. The plight could fall either way.


  • The Roman Empire is the one empire that never really got dissolved. You get one group of people who have ruled the world for over two thousand years.
  • Germany, France, England, and the United States share a common ancestry. As they set out to colonize the whole world, so did the ancient sense of superiority got transferred into the New World.
  • It would have been the same for any dominating race.
  • With the advancement of technology, the common nations fall far beneath the civilized and advanced nations.
  • With the quest to dominate the world, the advanced nations went about to colonize, enslave, displace their fellow human beings not so that they could enjoy the rise in human evolution, but so that they can become the stepping stones for the ruling party.
  • Although democracy is being championed all around the world, we still have to deal with the ghosts of racism that have gotten us together.


  • Now that we uncover the root of racism from the fall of man to the formation of nations, we can now address racism in the 21st Century.
  • Now that slavery has been abolished, we do not jump into a perfect world where everyone knows how to treat their counterparts equally, respectfully, and squarely.
  • Everyone must be proactive to bring racism down.
  • It is as much the responsibility of the black man as the while man to tear down the deep roots of racism.
  • We must all avoid falling in the trap of the stereotype.
  • We all need to start with a blank page.
  • Make sure to exhibit yourself as a decent and honest human being out there.
  • Don’t adopt a victim mentality.
  • Be realistic in your expectation as to where the rest of the world should be in racism.
  • Don’t take to heart the constant offenses that are bound in your direction since you are not from the dominated race.
  • Confront racism when it is necessary for it maybe a blind spot for well intended people.
  • People will always have a surface relationship with you until you allow them to permeate your heart to see who you really are.
  • Do discriminate between good and bad people.
  • Know that most people are trying to deal with the present realities; try not to be stuck in the past.
  • The people in the past have dealt with the past and thanks to them, the present is much more enviable than the past.
  • Deal with the present in order to foster a better tomorrow for your children and your grandchildren.
  • Workout to have healthy self-worth, so that you can notice when others try to underestimate you.
  • Never give in to an inferiority complex!
  • Know that racism can only be diminished but not easily eradicated because we are sinful creatures.

·        AMEN!

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