Isa 41:14 Ne crains rien, vermisseau de Jacob, Faible reste d’Israël; Je viens à ton secours, dit l’Éternel, Et le Saint d’Israël est ton sauveur. (LSV)

 14 “Fear not, you worm Jacob, You men of Israel! I will help you,” says the LORD And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. (NKJV)


  1. Pourquoi les gendres refusèrent de laisser Sodome avec Lot ?
  2. Pourquoi Lot se séparait avec Abraham ?
  3. When did Abraham decided to find a wife for Isaac?
  4. Why did Abraham decide to send his servant in his father’s country to find a wife for Isaac?
  5. How old was Abraham when Ishmael was born?
  6. What was the difference between the appearances of Jacob and Esau?
  7. Why did Isaac give to Jacob the blessings he intended to give to Esau?
  8. Which biological brother of Jesus wrote a book in the Bible?
  9. Which book in the New Testament has no author mentioned?
  10. What did the Philippians accusers of Paul found out about him that got them scared after the beat and imprisoned him?


  • Today we will begin the study of the life of Jacob.
  • We’ve skipped the life of Isaac in order to speed up a little.
  • Sara died when at the age of 127 years.
  • She gave birth to Isaac at the age of 90 and lived to see her promised child becoming an adult.
  • Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebecca 3years after the death of Sara.
  • Abraham circumcised Isaac in keeping with the alliance with God.
  • God tested Abraham by asking to offer Isaac in sacrifice.
  • The pick of Rebecca was a divine arrangement.
  • The meeting of Isaac and Rebecca was very romantic.
  • Rebecca was barren  and Isaac prayed and delivered her.
  • When Rebecca finally pregnant she carried a twin set of boys.
  • Esau the elder was very masculine and Jacob the contrary.
  • Great rivalry between the brothers since they were in their mother’s womb.
  • The rivalry was also fueled by parental preferences.


  • Since Jacob lived his entire life under the scope and the scrutiny of the Bible, we are exposed to all the aspects of his life.
  • Much good and much more bad are known about Jacob, consequently people generally have mixed feelings about Jacob.
  • We have to understand that the Patriarchs were not theologians.
  • They did not have the Holy Scriptures as a moral and spiritual compass.
  • They just had a faith relation with God.
  • Their actions and customs were very much akin with the environments they were living in.
  • They did not have a bold demarcation mark between truth and lie.
  • They were pragmatics to use whatever means necessary to save a situation, whether it was a lie or truth.   
  • Much of how Jacob lived his life cannot be used for the edification of the church or as models for duplication.
  • In a historical sense, Jacob is as much important Abraham and Isaac.
  • Jacob was the exact promised child, the child of destiny.
  • Abraham had many children but the blessings of the covenant was with Isaac.
  • Isaac had two sons but the blessing was upon Jacob.
  • Jacob had 12 sons from four different mothers but all twelve were part of the covenant.
  • The whole ancestral line, starting from Jacob is part of the covenant between God and Abraham.
  • All the children who came out of the loin of Jacob formed the nation of Israel.

Jacob was a type of Christ

  • Jacob left his father’s house in search of a bride
  • Jacob found the bride
  • Jacob paid his blood to acquire the bride
  • Jacob amounted himself a great deal of riches in a foreign land.
  • Jacob snapped all his belonging without any notice to journey back home to his father’s land.
  • Christ left His father’s house in heaven
  • Christ ventured far away in a foreign land in search of a bride (the Church)
  • Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to redeem His bride by His blood
  • Christ amounted himself a great deal of riches and influences in this world
  • Christ will someday snatch all that are His out of this world to his father’s house where He will reign in peace forever and ever.


  • The negatives about Jacob are easy to spot
  • Since Jacob lived his life on the spotlight of the Bible, he did not have the luxury of privacy.
  • We know so much about Jacob even to distaste him if we are not careful.
  • In the Jewish tradition, it is said that every time Rebecca would pass by a temple of false god, Esau would rush to get out, and every time she would pass near a house where they worship God, Jacob would rush to come out.
  • The negatives that we know about Jacob are not few in number.
  • We know how he would let his brother die in hunger while he had food at his disposal
  • We know how he purchased the birth right from his brother Esau for a bowl of stew
  • We know how he managed to trick his father with the help of his mother to get the first born blessing out of Isaac
  • We know how he run away rather than facing the consequences of his misdeeds.
  • We know how he conned his father in law Laban to get the best livestock of the land.
  •  We know how he manipulated the animals to get the desired result.
  • We know how he ran away from Laban without saying goodbye.
  • We know how Jacob bribed his way back to the Promised Land
  • We know how he practiced open favoritism among his children.
  • We know how he managed to get the twelve sons and a daughter out of four mothers.
  • When you know so much negatives about somebody, that has a tendency to eclipse the good that can be observed from this great patriarch of the nation of Israel.


Genèse 25:20-26

20 Isaac était âgé de quarante ans, quand il prit pour femme Rebecca, fille de Bethuel, l’Araméen, de Paddan-Aram, et soeur de Laban, l’Araméen.

21 Isaac implora l’Éternel pour sa femme, car elle était stérile, et l’Éternel l’exauça: Rebecca, sa femme, devint enceinte.

22 Les enfants se heurtaient dans son sein; et elle dit: S’il en est ainsi, pourquoi suis-je enceinte? Elle alla consulter l’Éternel.

 23 Et l’Éternel lui dit: Deux nations sont dans ton ventre, et deux peuples se sépareront au sortir de tes entrailles; un de ces peuples sera plus fort que l’autre, et le plus grand sera assujetti au plus petit.

24 Les jours où elle devait accoucher s’accomplirent; et voici, il y avait deux jumeaux dans son ventre.

 25 Le premier sortit entièrement roux, comme un manteau de poil; et on lui donna le nom d’Ésaü.

 26 Ensuite sortit son frère, dont la main tenait le talon d’Ésaü; et on lui donna le nom de Jacob. Isaac était âgé de soixante ans, lorsqu’ils naquirent.

  • The Intervention of the Holy Spirit necessary to Understand Jacob’s life.
  • Jacob’s life attacks so much biases just by reading the narrative.
  • No one can appreciate Jacob until he is able to take a deeper look.
  • If Jacob was the promised child promised to Abraham and Isaac, then what is Esau doing in the picture?
  • Why then was Sara barren?
  • Why then was Rebecca also barren?
  • When God finally removed that bareness, why then two children had to come at the same time?
  • Why them the one who was not chosen came out first?
  • Later on we know that Joseph was supposed to be the first son of Jacob, why then another women had to be given to him at his wedding?
  • Why then, the one Jacob loved Rachel, had to be barren?
  • Why did the brothers nearly killed the star child among them.
  • Why did Satan followed Joseph all the way in Egypt to exterminate him?
  • The more I ponder on the narrative of the children of Israel, the more I can under that there were much more going on under the surface that we cannot see with the naked eye.
  • Sometimes a promise can be delivered wrapped with a disappointment.
  • Many of the people of destiny are perplexed and confused about the circumstances surrounding their lives.
  • Without a straight revelation of God, the destiny children are left to think that they are the most unlucky people alive.
  • There are many children of destiny who are orphans right now
  • There are many children of destiny who are in the foster homes right now
  • There are many children of destiny who are living like slaves today.


  • When the you first follow the story, one has to ask : could Jacob be fighting for what was spiritually his at the first place?
  • Could it be that it wasn’t to get the greater portion of the inheritance that he wanted the birthright?
  • Could it be that he was just after the spiritual significance of the right?
  • Could Jacob have become who he became without the blessing of his father?
  • Could it be that God was involved in Jacob becoming blind so that he would not hand the blessing to the wrong boy
  • Could it be That God made Isaac feel that he was about to die so that he can release the blessings at once?
  • Isaac did not die right away, he lived more than twenty years to see the return of Jacob
  • Let’s look in dept at what was pronounced on the day of the blessing?
  • Ge 27:21-40
  • 21 Isaac dit à Jacob: Approche donc, et que je te touche, mon fils, pour savoir si tu es mon fils Ésaü, ou non.
  • 22 Jacob s’approcha d’Isaac, son père, qui le toucha, et dit: La voix est la voix de Jacob, mais les mains sont les mains d’Ésaü.
  •  23 Il ne le reconnut pas, parce que ses mains étaient velues, comme les mains d’Ésaü, son frère; et il le bénit.
  •  24 Il dit: C’est toi qui es mon fils Ésaü? Et Jacob répondit: C’est moi.
  • 28 Que Dieu te donne de la rosée du ciel Et de la graisse de la terre, Du blé et du vin en abondance!
  •  29 Que des peuples te soient soumis, Et que des nations se prosternent devant toi! Sois le maître de tes frères, Et que les fils de ta mère se prosternent devant toi! Maudit soit quiconque te maudira, Et béni soit quiconque te bénira.
  •  30 ¶ Isaac avait fini de bénir Jacob, et Jacob avait à peine quitté son père Isaac, qu’Ésaü, son frère, revint de la chasse.
  • 31 Il fit aussi un mets, qu’il porta à son père; et il dit à son père: Que mon père se lève et mange du gibier de son fils, afin que ton âme me bénisse!
  •  32 Isaac, son père, lui dit: Qui es-tu? Et il répondit: Je suis ton fils aîné, Ésaü.
  •  33 Isaac fut saisi d’une grande, d’une violente émotion, et il dit: Qui est donc celui qui a chassé du gibier, et me l’a apporté? J’ai mangé de tout avant que tu vinsses, et je l’ai béni. Aussi sera-t-il béni.
  • 34 Lorsque Ésaü entendit les paroles de son père, il poussa de forts cris, pleins d’amertume, et il dit à son père: Bénis-moi aussi, mon père!
  •  35 Isaac dit: Ton frère est venu avec ruse, et il a enlevé ta bénédiction.
  •  36 Ésaü dit: Est-ce parce qu’on l’a appelé du nom de Jacob qu’il m’a supplanté deux fois? Il a enlevé mon droit d’aînesse, et voici maintenant qu’il vient d’enlever ma bénédiction. Et il dit: N’as-tu point réservé de bénédiction pour moi?
  • 37 Isaac répondit, et dit à Ésaü: Voici, je l’ai établi ton maître, et je lui ai donné tous ses frères pour serviteurs, je l’ai pourvu de blé et de vin: que puis-je donc faire pour toi, mon fils?
  •  38 Ésaü dit à son père: N’as-tu que cette seule bénédiction, mon père? Bénis-moi aussi, mon père! Et Ésaü éleva la voix, et pleura.
  •  39 Isaac, son père, répondit, et lui dit: Voici! Ta demeure sera privée de la graisse de la terre Et de la rosée du ciel, d’en haut.
  • 40 Tu vivras de ton épée, Et tu seras asservi à ton frère; Mais en errant librement çà et là, Tu briseras son joug de dessus ton cou.


  • It is a dangerous twist when Satan manipulate man to go against the will of God
  • The third element in the story of Jacob is God Himself
  • The permissive and the sovereign will of God were both at work in the narrative of the life of Jacob.
  • The real issue was between the will of God and the will of the devil.
  • While no one should adopt a con artist lifestyle to get what he wants in life, it a relief to know that God will always have the last word in all situations.
  • Next week we will talk about the two journeys of Jacob, make sure to watch for it.
  • We need to understand that Jacob did not have a bible to know  God the way we do now.
  • It was just a matter of survival in a world that was dictated by ruses and self-protection.
  • AMEN!
  • Pourquoi les gendres refusèrent de laisser Sodome avec Lot ? (Plaisanterie)
  • Pourquoi Lot se séparait avec Abraham ? (Sur demande d’Abraham pour éviter de dispute)
  • When did Abraham decided to find a wife for Isaac? (after Sara’s death)
  • Why did Abraham decide to send his servant in his father’s country to find a wife for Isaac? (despise of the Canaan women)
  • How old was Abraham when Ishmael was born?(100 years old)
  • What was the difference between the appearances of Jacob and Esau? (Esau: hairy, masculine, wild. Jacob: soft, mommy’s boy, weak)
  • Why did Isaac give to Jacob the blessings he intended to give to Esau? (blindness, favoritism, birth order)
  • Which biological brother of Jesus wrote a book in the Bible? (James)
  • Which book in the New Testament has no author mentioned? (Hebrew)
  • What did the Philippians accusers of Paul found out about him that got them scared after the beat and imprisoned him? (he was a Roman citizen)

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